“The Differences Between an Independent versus a Dependent Personality Type and its Impact for Management” Vol. XCIX

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Have you ever considered the difference between the dependent and independent personality types found in your organization? Having primarily worked with self-employed contractors over the years – relatively independent souls by nature – I have a distinct affection for their thought process over the alternative. Certainly, not all who are self-employed are independent thinkers, no more than all employees are dependent thinkers.


“A Reasonable Balance between Perfection, Expectations and Reality” Vol. XCVIII

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The experienced manager may indeed strive for perfection yet also understands that excellence is a fully acceptable alternative! Targets and timelines must be established to insure that we and our team can reach enhanced levels of performance. Buy-in of all impactful parties is essential in reaching this desired outcome. Only then can we truly exceed even the most reasonable expectations.


“Of Course Patience Will Both Challenge and Reward Us as Managers,” Vol. XCVII

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One of the most difficult tenants for managers is that of nurturing patience, both in others and in the decision processes being made around them. With maturity and the evolution in our own confidence we can often overstate while we undermine others in their own steady growth curve. Keeping patience in check is essential in reaching the collective success for one’s organization.


“The Indecisive Manager Showing a Decisive Lack of Confidence,” Vol. XCVI

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With the barrage of decisions thrust upon those in management, there can be a less-than-confident and decisive decision made purely out of urgency. How often have you thrown up your hands and said, “What the Heck,” “Let’s give it a Shot,” or the ever villainous, “We can always make it up somewhere else!” We should never allow these clear red flags determine the fate of our organizations.