“Personalizing your Organization Skills,” Vol.XCV

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I’ve recently been meeting with a circle of friends to learn from each other by sharing our standards of how best to sustain personal growth in some of these arenas. From experience, most managers would suggest these are topics essential to good management. I’ve also found that in application, effectiveness as compared to reality can be all across the board. I’ve known and worked with some of the best; I’ve also seen the alternative. It all begins with organization.


“Give Up on Pandora Closing Her Box!” Vol. XCIV

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One final time, past economic standards, assurances, expectations, climates, and scenarios are, for all intents and purposes, collectively in the toilet. If we’re still waiting for a failing sector to make a miraculous recovery, then we, as captains, are destined to go down with the ship. Compound this with a very challenging economic cycle, and I can almost hear the sucking sound of water rushing through the portholes.


“Communication: the Best Way to Avoid Being Forgotten,” Vol. XCIII

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While I believe we’d all agree that effective communication is essential to any strong organizational structure, it’s also, more often than not, poorly accomplished. Effective communication takes precious time and resolve to accomplish. Shortages of both seem to be a way of life in today’s business! In addition, this is an area of management we wouldn’t normally consider to be “in our face.” Yes, for many it is a function that falls through the cracks. Not just on an occasional basis, but as a point of reality, on a perpetual basis. How might we begin to restore this priority to its rightful position within our company?


“Hopeless Romantics or Seasoned Entrepreneurs?” Vol. XCII

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One of the greatest pleasures for a manager or business owner is found in their ability to dream. I think the best definition of an entrepreneur would be: An individual who’s predestined to reach out and take risk in order to capture their vision. Stay with me, I know I’m edging close to “The Wizard of Oz” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Whether you’re willing or not to admit it, we are truly hopeless romantics when it comes to business.

Virtual thought is the incorporation of past successes and failures into the vision of the future. Though the phrase may be relatively new, the concept of “virtual reality” could just have easily applied to the entrepreneurs of past generations. As entrepreneurs mature in their profession, they fine-tune the ability to visualize, forecast and, with a high degree of certainty, to form conclusions based their mental insight. This allows them to transition their dreams from the virtual to the real world.