History suggests to us that the vast amount of sales expertise is learned through osmosis – the hard way – on the streets and in the trenches. In most cases each sales representative is independently “reinventing their own wheel.” Each new wheel has its own nuances and sense of urgency while learning to roll at its self-imposed pace. This best explains the wide variations in the performance and potential of our sales teams. Is it not the responsibility of sales management to raise the speed limit at which our team develops “their pace?”

My own experience suggests the premier salespeople and sales organizations incorporate an ongoing, interactive, effective approach to expand the horizons of their sales force. Failure to do so leaves the potential for success solely up to our initial evaluations in the hiring process and fate . . .

Keenan Longcor and InterPersonal Management have been teaching highly skilled sales techniques for over thirty years. In addition, Keenan has authored a sales and management newsletter for his clients. Over these years, Keenan’s organization has been among some of the best prepared, trained and honored organizations in the industry. This finely tuned program begins with an emphasis on the fundamentals which then allows us to build from a strong foundation. From this newly established foundation there are no limits to this workshop’s potential, or how far it can reach. Experience has proven to me these sales essentials have often been lost, abandoned, or have never found a receptive home.

Areas of Impact

  • Breaking down Barriers of New Business
  • Priorities; Discerning “Minnows from Whales”
  • Bringing Emphasis to your Top 20 Customers
  • Thinking on Your Feet; the Instant Sales Promotion
  • Emphasis to Your Best Products and Best Programs
  • Retaining Personalized Relationships and Communications in a Highly
    Digitized World
  • Appointment Setting that Best Fits Your Schedule
  • Organizing Your Day, Week Month and Year
  • Taking Initiative & Ownership on Your Customers Behalf
  • Shared Accountability, Shared Responsibility
  • Creating an Environment For Mutual Success

This time tested program is intended to benefit the sales warriors as well as the salesperson just beginning to develop “their wheel.” As this is an interactive workshop, the group is consistently being challenged in the development of second, third and fourth generation concepts and initiatives in helping the group as a whole understand and share in their collective success.

Our Workshop is conducted as a four or six hour tutorial with the goal of developing strong critical thought and analysis in all aspects of sales, marketing and territory development. The roundtable interactive setting creates maximum engagement, buy-in and a priority in participation.

The Workshop will be available to all consumer products management and their sales staff in the hopes that a seasoned “Outside Voice” will ultimately assist in the mutual growth, potential and shared understanding for all participants. Building “a team” that works well together, assists and encourages one another is essential in “Creating this Environment for Mutual Success.”

There is a reason why specific salespeople and specific sales teams stand out. This workshop brings the analysis, understanding and practical application back to the selling process that will allow your organization to stand above the rest.

If you would like to discuss our conducting this workshop for your team, or simply find out more about our expertise and its applications for your organization, I would enjoy discussing this with you further. To find out more, you may also visit our website noted below.

Success Begins With Pride, Builds Momentum Through Passion & Gains Sustainability Through Enthusiasm. . .

Keenan Longcor