Keenan Longcor formed his organization, Keenan Longcor and Associates, in 1971. This sales and marketing firm was established as an independent sales agency providing services to the upscale Gift, Social Stationery and Accessories Industry. He officially became “a manager” in 1981 when he hired his first sales associate. This evolution escalated in the ensuing years to include eighteen sales associates serving the five-state Pacific Northwest Region.

His agency was consistently recognized as the leader in both sales volume and quality of associates serving the industry in this region. Keenan sold his agency in 1999 to a national sales and marketing firm. Subsequently, he has published articles in national trade magazines, published INTERPERSONAL a Sales and Marketing Letter and assisted other Sales and Manufacturer firms as a consultant.

In 2005 he and his son Ben founded “Friends of Baseball.” This organization currently provides league sustaining funding and equipment to youth Baseball and Softball Organizations that exhibit compelling need in Oregon. Please visit for further information.

An introduction to Interpersonal, a Sales, Marketing and Management Letter
“It is indeed a pleasure to launch INTERPERSONAL with its own website and blog. I hope Management, Marketing and Sales professionals will find insight, relevance and simple reinforcement in this bi-monthly publication. Many of us from varied industries have shared parallel lives in determining how to bring uncommon success to our organizations. The topics you will find in the months ahead will address the challenges that can often be learned in only one way: on the streets and in the trenches.

I look forward to opening further discussion in this new forum. Simply subscribe and you will receive these timely and thought provoking topics on approximately the 1st and 15th of each month. I also look forward to your posting your personal thoughts. Let me hear from you at:”
Keenan Longcor
Editor, Interpersonal