Dear Sales and Management Executive,

“Mastering” the art of management is obviously a process rather than a state of mind. The fundamental aspects of management are founded on the consistent creation of an environment for success. It is this process, and the basic and often painful lessons we all endure that will, with time, enhance the success of all sales driven organizations. INTERPERSONAL is a vehicle to address in a consistent, concise, and direct manner, a relevant approach to understanding the needs of management.

Management is never short on complexity. In review of your daily challenges, how often are they related to personal dynamics, and affected by the human element? For most managers this single aspect influences in excess of 80% of our daily objectives. If you think about it, it all comes down to “this is what we do.”

Our single asset as managers is the individuals who have the potential and opportunity to bring us success, both as an organization and individually. INTEPERSONAL provides a fresh approach, an innovative perspective, and simple reinforcement of the topics, ideals, and conclusions relating to your staff and its objectives.

A favorite quote from FLAUBERT reads: “Be regular and orderly in your daily life, so you may be violent and original in your work.” “Regular and Orderly” are comfortable and safe aspects of our management career. It is the “Violent and Original” aspects that set us apart. . .

Personal Regards,
Keenan Longcor, Editor